Bookkeeping Pricing

What Does It Really Cost Your Business?


Average Cost of In-House Bookkeeper

 gross payroll only 

60k per year


Total Cost of In-House Bookkeeper

 with pay (60k), taxes ($4590), biz insurance ($500) and benefits ($4200)

70k per year

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have large yearly tax bills from the IRS?
  • Are your books entered to the best deductions?
  • Is the employee able to help you grow your business?
  • Is your employee working for your best interest? 

The COVID pandemic has changed the working economy

  • Many people want more money with less skills.
  • Would you rather have a skilled partner that costs you less, or hope that you have the right person in place to help with your money?  

There IS a better way!

Compare To PAHR Full Service Bookkeeping


Up to 100 Monthly Transactions

up to 2 bank accounts or credit cards

$190.00 per month*

$2280 per year*

Up to 200 Monthly Transactions

up to 3 bank accounts or credit cards

$375.00 per month*

$4,500 per year*

Up to 400 monthly Transactions

up to 5 bank accounts or credit cards

$656.25 per month*

$7,875 per year*

Up to 600 monthly Transactions

up to 8 bank accounts or credit cards

$940 per month*

$11,280 per year*

Have over 600 transactions per month? Click “Get Started” for a personalized quote

What is a transaction? We estimate your monthly fee based on transaction volume. For example, a supplier’s invoice to you which you need to pay would be reflected as 2 transactions: 1 for the entering of the bill, and 1 for producing a corresponding payment. If you’re not sure of your transaction count we can help you assess your transaction volume. *Pricing listed will vary depending on an individual needs for business

Add On Services: 

Sales Tax


Payroll – see our sister company, WAGES 

QuickBooks Online – Wholesale pricing passed to first time QBO clients, up to half off the normal pricing

Take Advantage of Full Charge Bookkeeping

Assistance with set up of multiple agency numbers, sales tax, licenses and bonds

Gain access to our network relationships – B2B & retail partners. Tested and trusted!


Full Charge Bookkeeping

For all bookkeeping work

  • Weekly or monthly bank input
  • Credit card & loan reconciliation
  • Match of all AP/AR, including merchant service match
  • Bill & expense entries
  • Invoice entries
  • Sales Tax Reporting
  • Monthly bank reconciliation
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Consultation on budgeting, reports & more
  • Tax Prep
  • Working with year end tax professionals
  • 1099 Processing
  • QuickBooks Discounts

Accounting Consultant

For companies who have an employee but want oversight

  • Review of bookkeeping input by employee
  • Setting up systems
  • Assistance/advice to Owner/staff
  • Assistance with payroll questions
  • Remote Training
  • Monthly bank reconciliation
  • Monthly financial reports
  • Yearly Review
  • Year end journal entries
  • Tax Prep
  • Working with year end tax professionals
  • W2 processing online and by mail
  • 1099 processing online and by mail

Consulting Only

For Owners doing their own books

  • Assistant to Owner as requested
  • Remote Training
  • Input of items when needed
  • Setting up systems
  • Tax Prep review
  • Year end journal entries
  • Working with year end tax professionals
  • 1099 processing online and by mail

Human Resource Consulting

For human resource consulting

  • Form & Policy Creation
  • HR advice as needed/requested
  • Updates on fed/state HR laws
  • Handbook creation & upkeep
  • New Hire Welcome Packages
  • Benefits Coordination -set up & maintenance
  • Working with Brokers
  • Advertising for new hires
  • New Hire interviews and screening
  • Skype meetings available to witness write ups/terminations

Insurance Benefits & Workers Comp

Do you need a policy?

Don’t think you have enough employees to offer any benefits? We can find you a great priced plan or plans that are employee paid only.  Boost your value as an employer!


a la carte services

  • Sales tax set up
  • Sales tax filing
  • Creation of accounting system
  • Year End Clean Up
  • Personalized handbook
  • Audits from insurance companies
  • Customer service/office training
  • Hiring of new employees, advertising – contact for more info

Don’t see it listed? Just ask!

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